Sunday, January 8, 2017

Developing Through the Detours

I'm so excited. Dr. Tony Evans released a new book. And has been just as good as I anticipated. And, as God would have it - right on time.

It's called 'Detours' and in it, Dr. Evans reminds us that "We, as God's masterpieces, bear our Master's name and image. He wants to make sure that image reflects Him well. When we fulfill our God-ordained destinies, God wants others to see the beauty of Him through us, and that takes refinement in us."

Hence, the detours.

"We can either cooperate with these detours by asking God to reveal to us the lessons He wants us to learn, or the skills He wants us to develop - and so on, or we can complain, kick, scream, fight and remain on the detour much longer than we ever needed to."

It even inspired me to go back to journaling in my Bible.  :)

He also gives another most excellent illustration to drive his point home. (I so love Dr. Evans and his illustrations!)

"When you iron a shirt that is wrinkled, you have to add steam and heat in order to get the wrinkles out. And why do we iron shirts, pants and dresses? Because we want to look good when we wear them. In the same way, God has to put us through the fires of refinement to smooth out the rough places and correct our flaws.
Now imagine if that shirt you were ironing wouldn't sit still. Imagine if it kept hopping up off the ironing board. Or what if it would bundle itself up into a tight ball each time you attempted to iron it. How long would that ironing session take, then, if the shirt simply allowed you to press it to perfection?
The same holds true for us on our detours. Far too often, we are the cause of our own delays. The cause of our own additional detours."

So good. And so true. 

Okay, I'm off to read more 'Detours'. If you'd like your own copy (and can't wait for a hard copy like me), you can get it on Kindle and start reading right now!

Or, if your patience has already been refined, it is now also available at a Christian bookstore near you.  :) 

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