Monday, January 6, 2014

Almost Heaven

Well. I've already got one book 'under my belt' - or rather read, completed and ready to go on my 'Empty Shelf'. Only, I don't actually have the book in hand yet. It's still on its way from Amazon. A friend had mentioned it on Facebook and it sounded interesting, so I looked it up and decided I would just go ahead and order a used copy for a penny. Certainly, I could wait a few days before I read it.
Then, after I checked out, Amazon slyly prompted, "Why wait until the book arrives to start reading? Click (here) and read the beginning for FREE."
Well, needless to say, I read the free beginning and 20 minutes later had downloaded the $9.99 Kindle edition. I could not stop reading it. I continued on that evening and finally decided at midnight to put it down and get some sleep. But, couldn't wait to pick it up again last night. And finished it out in 2 sittings. Good stuff, I tell ya.

It's called 'Almost Heaven' and it's written by Chris Fabry. To learn more about it and get a better feel for it, visit the website and check out the trailer at: .

It's been awhile since I've read a book so gripping. He takes you on quite an emotional roller coaster ride. But, it's well worth the ride.

I don't feel as though I could do it much justice by trying to describe it here, but I will share one of my favorite quotes from the book:

"Darlin', life is a song, a long winding tune, that turns minor at times, major at times, but mostly is just running along in the background. Don't question the purpose of things; just sing along."

If the rest of the books I read this year are half as good as this one, I am in for quite a year... literally! :)

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