Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Empty Shelf

I must be feeling pretty optimistic heading into this new year. I've taken on another challenge.
Though, truly, this one shouldn't be all that challenging for me. (With the exception of reading more on Kindle now.)

Jon Acuff issued a challenge this week called the "Empty Shelf Challenge". 


The assignment is rather simple: Clean off a shelf somewhere in your home (or office) and fill it with books you read throughout the year. (Toughest part for me was getting a clean shelf - mine are all filled!) 

You will see that I've already got four on my otherwise empty shelf. But, these are all books I've purchased in the past several weeks that I am very excited about cracking open at the first of this year. 

So, any readers out there... if you haven't already... feel free to join in! Should be fun!

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